Thursday, March 12, 2009

What should the historic train station be used for?

The Windsor Locks Preservation Association is seeking to acquire the historic station from Amtrak. The organization has been in negotiations with Amtrak for over a year and there is no clear indication of the status of the acquisition. The historic structure is in great need of attention as the elements are taking their toll. The restoration of this historic asset is a key to the revitalization of the Main Street area. Hopefully we will see progress in the near future.

Assuming control of the building and ultimate restoration, what uses would you propose for the building?

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Anonymous said...

I have lived in WL over 22 Yrs and love this town. I believe that the train station should be used as such - a train station. Probably easier said than done. I grew up just outside of Lowell, Mass and my family still resides up there. If anyone remembers Lowell in it's old days and has since seen it in it's new transformed state, you have seen wonderful things happen. I have heard that a study has been done and that this train station can not be moved. I would challenge anyone out there to find another Engineer from the Lowell area who has transformed that place to say that this building can't be moved. I believe this building should be preserved but in a different location where our existing station is today. I believe the doors would be opened for WL to have a wonderful diner, news stand and possible other small shops within that building. I believe these ideas are being over looked & disregarded due to self pride & arrogance. If the towns best interest was to come first with this station I believe this project would be half completed already. Instead I believe this project will continue to be dragged out and eventually buried along with the hopes and dream of alot of hard working good people in this town that would love to see something beautiful happen with this great building. I believe this project could be moved forward with the right TEAM of People that are working together to make WL a better place to live.