Friday, February 22, 2008

Consultant Begins Pre-Planning Phase

Our consulting team is pouring over maps, reports, photos, and site plans provided to them by Town staff. They have conducted three site visits - one at the a.m. peak traffic hour, another at the p.m. peak hour, and finally a Saturday mid-day. They have met with a prospective developer of the Montgomery mill complex and representatives of the Dexter Plaza management firm. A meeting with Ahlstrom representatives will soon be scheduled. They are preparing base mapping and have begun formulating preliminary design concepts. One area of focus is the "municipal" campus made up of the library, Town and Hall and school with fields. How can we affectively connect those to Main Street? The consultant has also questioned whether it would be conceivable to return the Amtrak train station back to the heart of Main Street rather than its current location on the outskirts of the Main Street area. Once the preliminary plans are completed a public forum will be organized so stay tuned. Please share your comments on how Main Street can be enhanced.