Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An Ella Grasso Museum for Windsor Locks?

Ella Grasso was born in the Main Street area at 12 Olive St. She attended St. Mary's School. She took the train from the historic train station to her inauguration as the first woman elected Governor of a state in her own right. The connection between Ella Grasso and her hometown of Windsor Locks runs deep. So why not celebrate her life and accomplishments and the mark she made on U.S. politics with a museum in Windsor Locks? Perhaps the historic train station could serve as a Windsor Locks Visitor's Center and Ella Grasso Museum. Perhaps there is another appropriate venue for such a museum. Who has memorabilia related to Ella Grasso that could be used launch the collection? How would such a museum be funded and operated? Heritage tourism is a big draw to communities and helps local economies. Could an Ella Grasso Museum help to revitalize the Main Street area?
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Call to Civic Organizations and Church Groups

Calling all civic organizations and church groups - Please consider sponsoring at least one event in the Main Street area each year. In our efforts to revitalize Main Street, it is important to draw people to downtown. We need additional reasons for residents and visitors to come to the Main Street area besides our businesses and muncipal buildings. Partnering with area businesses would be a great idea. Use your imaginations, the types of events are many - carnivals, dog shows, art exhibitions, craft shows, black tie fundraisers, road races, clean-up days, kid's safety fairs, bridal shows, antique auto shows, parades, Sprng Jubilees, holiday bazaars, concerts, farmers markets, food festivals, halloween costume party, bike tour, Easter egg hunt, Italian fest, flea market wine tasting and so much more....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Main Street Master Planning Final Report Available

Copies of the Main Street Master Planning Final Report are available for viewing at the First Selectman's Office at Town Hall and at the Windsor Locks Public Library.

If you would like a Final Report sent to you on a CD in pdf format then please send an e-mail to wleidc@sbcglobal.net with your name and mailing address.

Please remember to post any comments, questions or recommendations on this blog after you have had a chance to review the final report.