Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An Ella Grasso Museum for Windsor Locks?

Ella Grasso was born in the Main Street area at 12 Olive St. She attended St. Mary's School. She took the train from the historic train station to her inauguration as the first woman elected Governor of a state in her own right. The connection between Ella Grasso and her hometown of Windsor Locks runs deep. So why not celebrate her life and accomplishments and the mark she made on U.S. politics with a museum in Windsor Locks? Perhaps the historic train station could serve as a Windsor Locks Visitor's Center and Ella Grasso Museum. Perhaps there is another appropriate venue for such a museum. Who has memorabilia related to Ella Grasso that could be used launch the collection? How would such a museum be funded and operated? Heritage tourism is a big draw to communities and helps local economies. Could an Ella Grasso Museum help to revitalize the Main Street area?
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Therese said...

Interesting to know.

esc4p3 said...

What a great idea!